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 Basic Rules

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PostSubject: Basic Rules   Sat Apr 05, 2008 9:04 pm

1. Admin and Moderator Word is Law. We are here to ensure a good roleplaying experience for all.
2. No Powerplaying. Powerplaying can result in temporary or perminate banning depending on the severity of the offense, if you see powerplaying please let someone know (even if you do so by PM you will be kept anonmyous.)
3. Stay realistic, all characters have flaws, even the best hero has a dark secret.
4. Stay active, I don't require daily or weekly posts but please post once a month, if you're unable to do this let us know in OOC
5. Post at least a sentence or two. I don't want one - two word posts but i don't insist you post a mini novel either.
6. This is an ENGLISH speaking forum. Your characters can speak more than one language but you MUST include a translation of what is being said.
7. God characters are earned. A moderator or admin must grant you godship.
8. You cannot co-locate characters. realistically you can only be in one place at a time.
9. Sexual RP will all be marked and taken to the Private board and kept in it's own thread. Porn is never allowed at any time either in video form or images

What is Powerplaying?

Powerplaying is either being untouchable or perfect with every hit. You, as a player are not invincable nor are you able to control the dodging abilities of another character, any action that assumes control of the other characters is considered powerplaying and can get you banned. Conflict it left up to you to resolve but powerplaying is not tolerated.

Jim tackles Bill to the ground making it so Bill cannot move

A way around powerplaying:
Jim moves to tackle Bill to the ground, moving quickly as to catch Bill completely off guard.

Look, the way around powerplaying is also longer and more interesting to read, this will help you become a better and more well liked roleplayer.

How do I stay Realistic?

If you have a reason as to why your character can pull a shapeshifting ferret from out of nowhere then say it. If there is a reason behind the action then it is realistic. "just cause" is not a reason, think outside the box.

Bill pulls out a shapeshifting ferret to kill Jim.

Bill pulls a shapshifting ferret out of it's carrying case hidden inside Bill's pants and orders it to attack Jim.

See this is also more interesting, this helps roleplaying become more in depth and interesting.

You're now ready to move on to character creation.
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Basic Rules
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