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 Even if They Kill the Voice or Hide In the Dark

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PostSubject: Even if They Kill the Voice or Hide In the Dark   Tue Apr 22, 2008 6:53 pm

With a few steps he knew this place was his. No one could love school more than him or have a hunger to know the technological to match what he had known all his life. He was a true nerd. All alone in the world yet had a warmth in him whenever he showed up and took his first step into a class room. Yet there was one problem. No sane kid would call him friend. He was in a green trench coat for heaven's sake... And those goggles just made it all worse. Hell, no one has even ever seen his face. Yeah he's short but he hides away from everyone like some cave troll. Maybe he was ugly under there.... Maybe even night of the living dead. But zombies weren't real. No way he was any of those things... well maybe ugly. But he was just another literally faceless kid in the mass of a giant popularity contest and he already lost from birth.

Raziel Alexander - Vampire/Angel - Male - Appears 24
Mouse Inoue - Human - Female - 16
Prissilla Alexander - Vampire - Female - Appears 23
Olaf Gurlukavich - Werewolf - Male - Appears 29
Demi Ota - Human - Male - 16
Nicci Addams - Human - Female - 16
Lyn Baire - Human - Female - 23
'Nell Becker - Human - Female - 16
Darla Mulak - Vampire - Female - 25
Emily Alexander - Angel - Female -20

Secrets of Los Angeles ST
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Even if They Kill the Voice or Hide In the Dark
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