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 Basic Character Creation

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PostSubject: Basic Character Creation   Sat Jul 12, 2008 6:25 pm

Please use the sheet for Vampire: the Masquerade located in the Regnum character creation section.

Starting is easy but I will explain everything for each part of the character sheet.

Name - For character name

Chronicle - This is the current game the character is playing. in this case it's Secrets of Los Angeles

Nature - This is part of your characters personality. Nature is what shows no matter what

Demeanor - This is part of your characters personality. Demeanor is the face you put on in front of others or how you choose to act in public

Clan - The group of vampire you belong to. A list of playable clans is posted in the extra rules section of the game

Generation - How far removed the character is from the first vampire. This can be lowered by the Generation Background. Lowest Generation allowed is 10th

Haven - Your home or sleeping ground. Also a shelter from other vampires

Concept - What you were during your lifetime. It's the part of you that you hold on to to remember your humanity

Attributes (Max level is 5)
Strength - This adds to damage with brawl or melee fighting

Dexterity - Help to hit or dodge along with acrobatics

Stamina - Reduces damage and helps to physically press on

Charisma - Boosts how much others like and trust you

Manipulation - Helps intimidation and convincing others to do what you want

Appearance - How attractive you are and helps seduction

Perception - Helps your empathy and awareness

Intelligence - Helps investigation and basic knowledges

Wits - Helps initiative and over all reaction time

Abilities (Max level is 5)
Acting - Helps with bluffing and performance

Alertness - Helps to notice things people hiding or sneaking

Athletics - For doing anything in sports or anything as simple as jumping from roof to roof or run up a wall

Brawl - Hand to hand fighting

Dodge - Helps your opponent miss when attacking you

Empathy - Helps in reading others and their feelings

Intimidation - Used to scare others into doing what you want

Leadership - Helps when in charge or leading a group

Streetwise - Knowledge of street life and how to act

Subterfuge - Used to discover ones true motive

Animal Ken - Dealing with animals

Drive - To drive in difficult situations

Etiquette - Manners

Firearms - To shoot a gun

Melee - To fight with archaic weapons

Music - To sing, play instruments, or to have a comprehensive understanding of music

Repair - To fix anything

Security - Used for being security or to know security systems and cracking them

Stealth - Used for sneaking or being invisible

Survival - To be able to gather food or find shelter in urban or wild environments

Bureaucracy - To work political red tape and paperwork

Computer - To truly know your way around a computer and even hack one

Finance - Accounting and how to work the economy

Investigation - To find out information

Law - To know laws and court practice along with loops in the system

Linguistics - How many languages you know and how easily you decipher languages and learn them

Medicine - Medical practice and pharmaceutical

Occult - Knowledge of supernatural and magical

Politics - Knowledge of government and small group politics

Science - Basic knowledge of why the world works scientifically

Advantages (Max Level is 5)
Disciplines - Super powers given to vampires yet only certain clans have certain powers

Backgrounds - Small things that help daily life such as contacts or allies

Virtues - Decides Humanity/Willpower and helps keep you from frenzying

Humanity - how close you are to humanity and human values and how close to the "beast" you are

Willpower - How well you resist control

Blood - Food for vampires and what powers disciplines and healing

Merits - Bonuses that help create a personality in the character and gives them advantages over other vampires

Flaws - Negatives that help create a personality in the character and gives restrictions to the character

Health - System of measuring how close to final death you are

Freebie points - Points that allow you to flush out your character to make it yours
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Basic Character Creation
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