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 The Raven Bar and Club

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PostSubject: The Raven Bar and Club   Sun Jul 13, 2008 6:57 pm

An old bar that dates too far back for most to remember. It's customers are normally the freaks and occasional geek. Yet it makes quite a name for itself. The goth bar has two floors to the building. The first floor is the main area and is where the bar and tables are. This also includes a back room, kitchen, basement entry, back entrance, and stairs to raised seating that connects to another set of stairs to the second floor. The second floor is nothing but rooms. The only ones taken is the first on the left and the last 5 rooms at the end of the hall. Before the entrance to the second floor would be a not posted reading:

Do not be out of your room or upstairs from the times of midnight and 1am
Thank you,
The Management

Back down stairs there is another sign that rests behind the bar by the stock of unlabeled bottles and reads:

Do not look up the bartender's skirt!

Finally, at the entrance, posted on the door is a sign with the hours the establishment is open.

Sun: 7pm-12am
Mon: 7pm-12am
Tues: 7pm-12am
Wed: 7pm-12am
Thurs: 7pm-12am
Fri: 7pm-2am
Sat: 7pm-2am

That was all there was for signs. It was a peaceful place and unfortunately hasn't seen much life for the past few day. Day by day it seems that the once goth bar seems to be more of a home for the owner, her friends, and children than a proper establishment.
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The Raven Bar and Club
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