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 How to use the dice roller

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PostSubject: How to use the dice roller   Tue Jul 15, 2008 8:45 pm

If you are to use the dice roller for the Vampire: the Masquerade Secrets of Los Angeles game you will need to select reply the thread you are posting to.

Below the text box should be the dice roller. There is only D10 used in this game so if there are more added in the future don't bother using them. The number of D10 you roll is equal to the added dots of the attributes and abilities that correspond to your action.

Example: To shoot a gun is Dex+Firearms. the character has 3 dex and 2 firearms. thus the dice pool would be 5. Thus when selecting dice you roll 5 D10s.

How to succeed a roll: Every roll has a target number that is known by the ST. If the roll is higher or equal to the target that is a success. 1s are a botch and takes away one success per 1. Any other number below the target and above a 1 is just a failed attempt. No harm, no foul.

How to gage how well you succeed: To know how well you did is pretty basic. It depends on how many successes you achieved. A flawless action is roughly 3 successes. To get under that isn't exactly harmful but you wont complete your action exactly how you liked.

How epic did you fail: Simply the more botches the worse you do. Zero successes is a simple fail with no consequence. Yet any negatives will have negative repercussions. The more negatives, the worse bad stuff happens as a result.

Final dice rules: The ST always has the last say in the result of the action. You can call it divine interference or whatever you want but this works both ways. An epic fail could damn lucky outcome just like a high success could have negative consequences. Yet none of this is certain and don't count on it happening.
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How to use the dice roller
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